Bruno Kurru at Temporada de Projetos 2013


Bruno Kurru na Temporada de Projetos 2013

Bruno Kurru na Temporada de Projetos 2013

Paço das Artes released the list of artists selected for Temporada de Projetos 2013 [Projects Season 2013], the oldest and most important program from this institution, which completes its 11th edition next year. One of the highlights of the program is Bruno Kurru, who will present Experiência de Desaceleração.

The production of Bruno Kurru transits and interrogates the multiple definitions of painting and drawing, maintaining continuous reflections on the use of space within and outside the canvas. His works present situations that precede the decision making and inquiries of the contemporary subject.

376 projects were submitted by artists from all over Brazil. The jury composed by Ananda Carvalho, Camila Duprat, Maikon Rangel and Paula Borghi (pre-selection) and Nancy Betts and Priscila Arantes (selection) chose nine artistic projects and one curatorial project, which will be exhibited in four stages over 2013.

About Temporada de Projetos
Since 1997, Temporada de Projetos has lifted to the cultural scene more than a hundred professionals, including artists, curators and critics, accounting over fifty exhibitions. The goal is to encourage contemporary artistic and theoretical reflection, as each project is given a critical assessment by an expert guest.

Among the artists selected earlier along the trajectory of Temporada de Projetos are Ana Holck, Estela Sokol and Pedro Varela, also represented by Zipper.

To learn more about the history and work of Bruno Kurru, visit his profile on our site.

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