[Saturday 2-6PM] Opening: Imagem Mi(g)rante & Project !wr?


[Sábado 14-18h] Aberturas: Imagem Mi(g)rante & Projeto !wr?

Imagem Mi(g)rante

This Saturday Zipper Gallery will open two exhibitions:

Imagem Mi(g)rante

Curated by Mario Gioia, the exhibition Imagem Mi(g)rante is based on "second hand" images used by the artists to solidify their discourse through photography, video, painting and three-dimensional works.

Appropriations, film frames, registers from the web and and family archives, among other things, consolidate the idea of excess of images and information in the contemporary world which reframe our daily lives once reorganized by the artists poetics.

Participating artists:
Adriana Affortunati, Ana Lucia Mariz, Fernanda Barreto, Ivan Grilo, João Castilho, Marcelo Amorim, Marcia Rosolia, Mariana Tassinari, Mayana Redin, Monica Tinoco, Nati Canto and Selene Alge.

More info: http://zippergaleria.com.br/en/#exhibition/imagem-migrante/

Project !WR?

In Zip'Up room, project !wr?, organized by Fernando Velázquez, unites images created by 30 artists to the words of 30 thinkers related to contemporary art.

For the project, each artist sent an image and, a randomly selected critic or thinker wrote a text up to 142 characters on the such image.

Project !wr? challenges artists and thinkers to develop, in a short period of time, words and images that materialize into an exhibition after traveling the web.

More info: http://zippergaleria.com.br/en/#exhibition/project-wr/

Openings: Saturday December 15 from 2PM to 6PM
From December 15 to December 23, 2012.
From January 8 to Junuary 19, 2013.
Monday to Friday from 10AM to 7PM
Saturday from 11AM to 5PM

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