Felipe Morozini

São Paulo, Brasil, 1975

Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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It's all true. In a building on Avenida São João, São Paulo, a man with golden body and silver hair sits on his balcony every day to admire his watch collection. In the other building, every morning a woman pounds steak with a tenderizing mallet to the same rhythm as the brute sex she experiences every night. A dog sunbathes on a balcony where the floor is frequently renovated: from stone to ceramic to cement. A young man at a window holds a camera and invades in zoom his neighbors’lives, registering their daily habits and sufferings. Afterwards, he analyses the images and finds pieces of unintentional poetry. He blows up the photograph of a naked woman, standing in the laundry area with walls deliciously timeworn. She holds a mirror, which reflects her nipple. Chance has an erotic face, reveals Morozini's photography. The artist might have chosen light, the day when colorful clothes hung out to dry formed a curve against the gray wall; he might have waited for the woman's body to repeat the dark vertical line that centralizes the composition. Granted. But it was not he who placed the mirror in her hand at the exact angle to reflect her nipple at the very instant he took the snapshot. It was chance. Self-sustained aesthetic harvesting: the photographer gathers fruits of beauty that grow naturally in the real world.

Voyeur, invader, redeemer of the ugliness of the urban field, Morozini accepts the partnership with chance to construct the art coefficient in his photographs. As defined by Marcel Duchamp, "the art coefficient is like an arithmetical relation between the unexpressed but intended and the unintentionally expressed." Felipe Morozini, thus, works as artist and spectator of his work: he clicks intentionally and then develops what was unintentional. Perhaps this is the formula for the convulsive beauty of his photographs of daily São Paulo life, such as Noiva do Vento [Bride of the Wind] a sequence of frames in which a white curtain escapes from the window and, now free, opens itself out to be caressed by the wind.

Felipe Morozini is a Bachelor in Law and many years ago swapped the barrister's robe for the camera, with which he performs not only his artistic work, but also shoots for magazines and fashion catalogues. Scenography is another field of work for this artist who didn't know he was an artist because he does not believe there are any non-artists. There is art in the most banal gestures, in the common life framed by the windows that overlook Avenida São João.

Paula Braga, 2010.


São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil], 1975
Vive e trabalha em [lives and works in] São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

Formação [Education]

.Fotografia [Photography] (Martin Parr). Paraty em Foco, Paraty, Brasil [Brazil]

.Fotografia [Photography] (Bob Wolfenson). São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]
.Fotografia [Photography] (Caio Reisewitz). Festival de Arte Serrinha, Bragança Paulista, Brasil [Brazil]
.Artes e Intervenção Urbana [Arts and Urban Intervention] (Luis Kac, Duva, Mario Ramiro). São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Fotografia [Photography] (Gal Oppido). Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Fotografia [Photography]. Academia Brasileira de Arte, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Direito [Law School]. Universidade Mackenzie, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

Exposições Individuais [Solo Exhibitions]

.DOIS. Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Primeira Individual Retrospectiva. Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Jardim Suspenso da Babilônia. São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]
.Love Story. Plastik, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Galeria Parede. Aktuell, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Pequeno Pensamento Burguês. Garimpo, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]
.Sensíveis. Festival de Arte Serrinha, Bragança Paulista, Brasil [Brazil]
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.Duplicidades. Museu da Cidade de Bragança Paulista, Brasil [Brazil]

.Graffiti S/A. Ellus Second Floor, Brasil [Brazil]
.Mosaicópolis. São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]; Rio de Janeiro, Brasil [Brazil]; Porto Alegre, Brasil [Brazil]

Exposições Coletivas [Group Exhibitions]

.Brazilian Modern: Icons and Innovation. Ampersand House and Gallery, Bruxelas [Brussels], Bélgica [Belgium]
.Mostra São Paulo de Fotografia. São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]
.São Paulo Fashion Week. São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]

.Silêncio. Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil]
.Public Design Festival. Milão [Milan], Itália [Italy]
.Milan Design Week. Milão [Milan], Itália [Italy]

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