A Nova Promessa [The New Promise]

Daniel Escobar

03/Sep/2014 – 04/Oct/2014

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  • Press Release

    The New Promise

    Home ownership, the brand new car, expensive clothes, a unique work of art - how long does your material dream last before it becomes ruins? In The New Promise, Daniel Escobar discusses the illusionistic tricks of advertising, presenting them as one of the drivers of the fast paced consumption and disposal trend, which sustains - and devours - the current world. This individual exhibit comments on the pathetic side of our human condition reduced to consumers in the post-Fordism era, and its title carries an irony to the very system of contemporary art, which has become a mass provider of objects of high plastic appeal and low discursive density, craving young talents.

    The New Promise reassembles on the exterior facade of Zipper Gallery the work Advertise Here, which was first presented inside Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre, as actual rental ad space. This time around the commercial transaction is not completed, and the billboard emerges as an intervention in the architecture and in the urban environment. However, despite being devoid of its primary function and being legitimized as artistic work, it stands as an exception in the public space of the city of São Paulo, where public outdoor ads have long been banned by law. Exposed in the street, the sign advertises itself while asserting the nature of the Gallery, and unravels artistic strategies to re-invent ethical codes and to create privilege mechanisms through art.

    This individual exhibit includes other art works related to the Porto Alegre exhibit such as The Real Estate Speculation - acrylic boxes partially filled with replicas of pieces of children's construction games, made out of the paper from real estate market brochures - and panels from the series lending its name to this individual exhibit, the New Promise, where the artist explores how advertising empties language, by embroidering - with gold thread on lottery slips - phrases extracted from advertising campaigns. Of the new works executed, we have the emblematic LED sign The Shorter History and the magical panel All of Our Desires, which provides a pictorial landscape of illusory fireworks made out of thousands of confetti cut out from billboards.

    Daniel Escobar balances pop visuality with elaborate concepts. Creating well finished and aesthetically pleasing works of art, the artist allures viewers through form, to soon after insert them in the critical universe of his speech, located far beyond simple appearance.

    Daniela Labra,2014.

    Critical essay