João Castilho

23/Mar/2013 – 20/Apr/2013

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    On March 23 at 2PM, Zipper Galeria opens alongside the SP-Arte fair a solo exhibition by the artist João Castilho, showing works focused on photography, video and installation. In Caos-Mundo, João shows a series of artworks discussing the current political situation in the world, inspired by the concept of 'chaos-world' by the French writer Edouard Glissant, who discusses the tensions and pressures that confront the contemporary citizen. The exhibition runs until April 20.

    According to Castilho, the images present in his photos, videos and installations show the double presence of reality and allegory transiting the modern world of every being. "The pictures were taken in varied territories addressing situations in which the individuals and the world around them have collapsed and thus they are thrown into a place of maximum indeterminacy, outside the law, outside all rights," explains the artist.

    Most of the works do not refer to specific events or characters, but to situations that present the action and the relationship of man with each moment clipped by the artist. "As much as it is a specific historical juncture - the contemporary - the images in these works allude to an indeterminacy, not only in the sense of time and space, but also about the very nature of the subject," Castilho sets.

    Castilho presents three works involving photography. In Retirante, a polyptych with 32 photographs in black and white, many paths and trails created by people in the "cerrado" (1) are shown. The game between the white and dark comments the not personified paths, created between cities within the country region. In Vade-Retro, seven novel photographs speak of man's relationship with nature. Without clearly showing the action of man, Castilho treats what man man produces from this relationship in a hybrid and saturated manner. The black and white diptych A Errância and O Exílio, shows two different perceptions of the artist from the same location, a dark tunnel.

    Videos are also present in this exhibition. The video installation Erupção has six televisions that display simultaneously several videos taken from the internet and made by anonymous people. The themes of the videos are the same buses from major urban centers of the country being burned. Castilho edited each video so the timing of the event is the same for all of them, starting with small flames that spread and become a large urban bonfire, alluding to a major social disruption that happens today in the big cities of Brazil. In the video Abismo, an uncut sequence of 2'40'' registers a boat that sails slowly down a river, as the boat gets nearer, its details are shown to the viewer.


    (1) The cerrado is a vast tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil, particularly in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais.

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