ABERTURA | Pedro Varela & Myriam Zini


ABERTURA | Pedro Varela & Myriam Zini

Pedro Varela, Sem título, acrílica sobre tela, 90 x 180 cm, 2013

On 19 October, the Zipper Galeria opens Pedro Varela's solo exhibition. The artist presents works produced with different media, seeking a synergy between painting, installation, sculpture and drawing, the latter being central to the expansion of his artistic thinking. 

In this exhibition Pedro Varela follows up the pictorial vocabulary that he has been exploring since 2011, especially with the universe exhibited at the MAM/RJ in the Tropical exhibition. Constructed mainly in varied tones of blue, which at times blend into other colours, the works provoke the ambiguous sensation of a world now submerged, now floating.

The paintings and drawings, from an unreal, disjointed perspective, present piled up and tangled objects, with a dark-light game that simulates premodern techniques of representation and drawing. The combination of these elements creates estrangement and confuses the spectator, who, upon first glance, takes it as a realist landscape. Looking more closely, however, one notes the impossibility of the universe portrayed.

Pedro Varela
Born in Niterói in 1971, lives and works in Petrópolis. A drawing virtuoso, Varela graduated in engraving from the UFRJ Art School in 2005, and has already exhibited at several galleries in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico and Chile. His latest solo exhibitions include Pedro Varela (Xippas, 2013, Montevideo, Uruguay), Arcos Dorados de Pintura Latinoamericana (ArteBA, 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Nouvelles Indes (11 Bis Project Space, 2011, Paris, France), Tropical (MAM-RJ, 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Cidade Flutuante (Paço das Artes, 2010, São Paulo, Brazil). The collective exhibitions that have featured his works include Gigante por Su Propia Naturaleza (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, 2012, Valencia, Spain), Chez Toi, Exposition Éphémère n°1 Art Contemporain Brésilien (SeeArt + Advisory, 2011, Paris, France), and Arte Contemporânea e Patrimônio (Paço Imperial, 2008, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

In 2013, to celebrate 160 years since its foundation, the iconic department store Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, in Paris, paid tribute to Brazil. The project Le Brésil Rive Gauche featured Pedro Varela’s playful and psychedelic universe. The artist made an intervention in the shop window, with blue, yellow, red and green vinyl adhesives, exploring the capabilities of the colour and the space


The Zip’Up project proudly presents Lacrimogêneo [Lacrimatory] a solo exhibition by Brazil-based artist Myriam Zini. Focused on her extensive pictorial works, presented through varied media - canvas, newspapers, wood, papers, and others – the exhibition pays testament to the artist’s great creative freedom, exploring pictorial ‘issues’, both in large scale and smaller formats, with outstanding gesturality. On top of that, Zini extracts from the mass media images of generalised circulation to serve as the backdrop to her figuration of an intensely chromatic and material character.

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