Pedro Varela na Product/81 Gallery


Pedro Varela na Product/81 Gallery


The Zipper Artist Pedro Varela opened on December 8 the exhibition Al Mal Tiempo Buena Cara, at Product/81 Gallery in Miami. This is a collaborative project of painting and installation conceived with Maria Isabel Rueda, exponent name of contemporary Colombian art.

"Al Mal Tiempo Buena Cara is a Colombian saying that illustrates the importance of a positive attitude in tough times," explains Pedro Varela. Through virtual meetings the artists gradually outlined poetic questions and the possibilities of poetic in space. The result is the encounter between the explosion of colors from Varela's collages with the monochromatic painting by Rueda.

"The possibility of joining Pedro Varela and Maria Isabel Rueda for a few days to work and talk about art could only result in a great project. Pedro and Maria Isabel build, in their works, the urban imagery from opposing points of view - yet they share the same desire to reach an invented place", says the curator Beatriz Lemos.

Opening: Saturday, December 8, 6PM

Product/81 Gallery
2311 North West 2nd Avenue
Wynwood, Miami, USA

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