Teresa Viana Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, b. 1960

Teresa Viana (Rio de Janeiro, 1960) explores painting as a language and the possibility of the expansion of thought through this language. Her body of work, developed since the 1990s, seeks a profusion of intense synesthetic, physical and visual sensations, organised as “tactile thought”. Her encaustic installations and paintings dialogue with sculptural three-dimensionality through vibrant colours that go beyond the pictorial surface, thus stimulating a tactile and lateral gaze. Tereza Viana’s work includes also other media such as drawings on paper, digital works, feltings, collages and site specifics.


Awarded several times and with extensive practice of artistic residencies, Teresa Viana has works in collections such as Ribeirão Preto Pedro Manuel Art Museum (Brazil), Contemporary Art Centre Cincinnati (USA), Figueiredo Ferraz Institute (Brazil), The City of São Paulo Art Collection (Brazil), Museum of Brazilian Art (Brazil), Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo (Brazil), Museum of Contemporary Art of Ceará (Brazil), Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (Brazil), Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná (Brazil) and Pelotas Art Museum (Brazil). Teresa Viana lives and works in São Paulo.


Main solo shows: Pictorial Thoughts, Ribeirão Preto Art Museum (Brazil, 2020); São Paulo Cultural Center (Brazil, 2015); Ribeirão Preto Art Museum (Brazil, 2012); Expanded Painting, Paço das Artes of São Paulo (Brazil, 2005). Main group shows: ISCP's Spring Open Studio, International Studio & Curatorial Program (USA, 2019); MAC USP in the 21st Century: The Era of Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art at the University of São Paulo (Brazil, 2017); Library of Love - Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center (Brasli, 2017); Brazilian Painting in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (Brazil, 2007); Metropolis Collection of Contemporary Art, Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo (Brazil, 2002); 90s Painting, Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (2000).