Constelações, intermitências e alguns rumores

22 October - 21 November 2015

Every artistic production has a central radiator, a spark that lights subjectivities, gestures, experiences, points of view. When the artist persists in the prospection of this creative source – which means facing with courage his limitations and internal mazes – it is natural that this endeavor unfolds a myriad of works, references, essays, aesthetic and conceptual approaches to art history and theoretical reflection. Towards a constellation.


At Ateliê Fotô, a space of guidance and study, the creative activity, upon being sensitized by the concept of "constellations", awakens and reveals productions which discuss the knowledge of the creator before his universe (his Cosmos) and his time (the world). We believe that encouraging each of these creators to live more often with concepts, strategies and poetic references tends to generate an expansion of the private Cosmos. Gravitate around their obsessions until the sensitive flux of thought finds the most genuine representation in a set of images. 


The constellations are clear sources in metaphorical profusion that open a path for traveling through aesthetics, the mysteries of light, geometry and shapes, in order to see and be seen as the experience of a synthesis in explosion. This exhibit presents the production of seven visual artists whose repertories, though distinct, indicate an orientation through the vertex power of thought into image. The selected artists are gathered under the sign of subjective search – motivated by autobiographical issues, art history and photography citations or metaphysical reinterpretations on the existence. 


Investing in the "Constellation" precept, supported by theoretical pillars around image thinking, we provoke interruption experiments as well. In the first movement, the artist is driven to the center of his cosmos and in that territory, enlists his stars, his colors, his innermost senses in the vicinity of life, recognizing its language and its propositions. Then there is the concreteness of this trajectory, the constellated work. 


The exhibit visitor is invited to launch a challenge: build his own constellation from reading and re-reading the works of each of the seven artists. In this experiment, you will discover screams, ecstasy, echoes of sensitivity and some rumors, but also the pain and pleasure of dialoguing with the world. 


Eder Chiodetto and Fabiana Bruno