Zipper is an influential art gallery in São Paulo, located in the Jardins neighbourhood at Rua Estados Unidos, 1494.

Opened in 2010, Zipper was initially established focusing on the production of emerging names from the artistic scene and quickly became recognized as a gallery that works with the new “youthful language” of the city.

Joviality is still one of the characteristics that make Zipper stand out in the Brazilian art market, however, it has matured over the years: distinguished names from the 1980s and 1990s were incorporated into the program and the artists represented since the initial phase transformed their productions.

So, today, the best word that represents the house is "plurality". Zipper is plural.

The openness to new discourses in contemporary art has never ceased to be its focus. Several names from the contemporary scene were debuted in projects such as Zip'Up, created in 2011, and the Salon for Artists Without Gallery, held at Zipper since 2012 – both dedicated to artists not yet included in the commercial circuit of São Paulo.

And, more recently, the Façade Poetry project has opened to public art a vast production of visual poems installed outside the building.

Zipper was created by Fabio Cimino. Since 2012, it is also run by his son, Lucas Cimino.