Janaina Mello Landini São Gotardo - MG, Brazil, b. 1974

Originally from Minas Gerais but based in São Paulo, Janaina Mello Landini (São Gotardo, MG, 1974) aggregates her knowledge of architecture, physics and mathematics and her perception on time to develop pieces that travel through different scales. The labyrinthine architecture has been the central axis of her research in the "Ciclotramas" series, made with ropes that break down into minimal threading, and "Labirintos Rizomáticos", works in satin that result in the construction of multifocal perspectives, nullifying the traditional construction.


Main solo exhibits: "Ciclotrama 27 (medusa)", Galeria Macca, Cagliari, 2015; "Ciclotramas", Galerie Virginie Louvet, Paris, 2015; "Ciclotrama 20 (onda)", Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, 2015; "Paisagens", Galeria Desvio. Belo Horizonte, 2011; "Ciclotrama", Espaço, Belo Horizonte, 2010.


Main collective exhibits: "Double Je", Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2016; "Vértice", Centro Cultural dos Correios, Brasília, 2015; "43 visões do Monte Fuji por Artistas Contemporâneos Brasileiros", The Fine Art Laboratory, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, 2015; "Art for Florence Design Week – 5.0 Edition", Florence, 2014; "Duplo Olhar", Paço das Artes, São Paulo, 2014.