Zip'Up: Tempo Quando: Marilde Stropp

13 April - 4 May 2019

Leaden Virtue


Step by step:

Yesterday I die

Tomorrow I'm born

Where there's space I walk:

- My time is when

(Poetics, 1950 - Vinícius de Moraes)


Time When is an inner landscape in a state of upheaval. It is the encounters and collisions of materials and substances that the artist Marilde Stropp agencies with the skill of an alchemist when photographing, pressing, painting, sewing, tearing, weaving, kneading and, finally, turning paper, fabric, charcoal and lead into poetic substratum.


In her laboratory of multiple symbolic possibilities, the artist promotes these points of contact between disparate bodies. In a pendular and incessant movement of harmonies and tense clashes, textures, crevices, scars, grey adventures and points of light where once the densest of blacks inhabited pop impetuously from her works.


Marilde creates a circuit of experimentation that leads to the creation of a singular and pulsating poetic writing, analogous to the therapeutic process of self-discovery. Life, cast in lead, a metal that corresponds to the planet Saturn, related to the fractions of time, density and weight. The temper of existence. Leaded virtue.


The artworks in the kaleidoscopic Time When stir up the disquiet of that which is in incessant movement. The picture does not stabilize before our eyes, it does not settle within frames and limiting spaces. Everything is yet to come. These images, artist's books and sculptures were caught halfway through becoming; the power of transformation in its raw state. Desiring vertigo. The sum of the days, the affections, the fears, the pleasures and the consciousness of the irreversibility of time encapsulated in artworks that entrance us and question us: Time When.


Eder Chiodetto