Quando os monstros envelhecem: Flávia Junqueira

15 September - 15 October 2016

The visual universe of childhood and the construction of an imaginary about this period permeate the work of the artist Flavia Junqueira since the beginning of its production. When the Monsters get older presents new series of artworks in which she reflects about characters and other fearful situations of childhood that, even outworn, are often very present in our imaginary as an adult. The exhibition gathers together groups of installations, objects and photographs, such as the staged self-portraits series in which she depicts herself in an ambiguous situation with the Mickey character.


The exhibition reflects on the dark side that surrounds the universe of children and expresses it self in unexpected circumstances. Two works in particular at the entrance of the exhibition hall translate the spirit of the show: next to party banners with the sentence "I can not breathe well here. Can I leave?" a carousel horse crossed by a lance greets the public. And on the tombstone in the center of the exhibition the visitor can read: “Think as a party that once was party, but that may have been abruptly interrupted and whose space has been deserted and forgotten”.


Previous solo exhibitions by Flavia Junqueira showed uniforms; now she brings together artworks in various media – photography, objects and installation – and indifferent formats to create a coherent narrative. There is also a thematic difference in the new exhibition: Flavia’s past series reflects on a childhood universe related to melancholy and disappointment, now the artist developed the theme from a new perspective. “My current series reflects on the adult that is attached to the child, although this adult can keep some distance in relation to the child. This adult still afraid of his monsters, but but he is aware of his own aging. He intuits that these monsters have aged along with him, and might be not that scary”.


The critical texts on the exhibition are signed by Mario Ramiro and Daigo Oliva.